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Vision & Mission

Company Vision

Poly-Hort B.V. is focusing its efforts on expanding its activities abroad; specifically in markets where there are major agricultural and environmentally controlled crops. Our vision is to become the lead supplier in all our active territories by maintaining full customer satisfaction while providing our distributors and the end users with creative and practical agricultural solutions.

Company Mission 

  • We are committed to providing customers with the best product for each application. Our products are “tailor made” for the needs of each grower. We offer solutions that are creative, flexible, unique and competitively priced.
  • We endeavor to continue learning, understanding and foreseeing the changing desires and ambitions of the growers as well as those of our distributers.
  • To uphold our tradition of maintaining warm personal relationships with all of our customers.
  • To highly invest in the development of new products as well as to adjust current products to the changing world climate.
  • To preserve environment by the development of (biodegradable) environmentally friendly products.
  • To keep on providing the highest level of service while meeting the needs of all customers around the world
Poly-Hort B.V. is dedicated to maintaining the highest uncompromising quality of its product, while strictly adhering to European and International standards and regulations.

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