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Mulch film

Politiv mulch films are multi-layered and available in single or dual color.
Thickness range: 30-60 microns (1.18-3.36 mil)
Width range: 1 to 8 meters (3’-26’)

This film has high mechanical properties to withstand maximum stress during installation.

In the list below you will find some of our mulch films, for additional products and information please contact us.

Cat.No. Description Season Crop type Soil temp. Weed control Insects manage.
E1145 Reinforced Black/Black Year around All Low Yes No
E1143 Reinforced Black/White Summer All Low Yes Aphids, whitefly
E1144 Reinforced Black/Silver Summer Melons, Strawberries Low Yes Aphids, whitefly
E1147 Reinforced Silver/Brown Cold season Melons, Strawberries Medium Yes Aphids, whitefly
E1135 Reinforced Transparent Year around Vegetables High No No
E1109 Yellow Year around Vegetables Medium Yes Whitefly

Mulch films - A.A. Politiv (1999) LTD.
Mulch films- A.A. Politiv (1999) LTD.

Mulch film is primarily a climate-engineered plastic used as a protection cover for the soil.

The most powerful feature of plastic mulch is the impact it has on light.

Because it impacts the light Plastic mulch can impact the amount of heat by either increasing or decreasing it; this is largely determined by the color of the film.

Mulch advantages:

  1. Early harvest: The soil temperature in the planting bed increases, faster crop cultivation and earlier harvesting is made available.
  2. Reduced evaporation: Reduced moisture loss; minimized irrigation frequency.
  3. Reduced fertilizer leaching: optimize the use of fertilizers and quantities necessary.
  4. Reduced Soil compaction: Soil under plastic mulch remains loose and well-aerated, Roots have access to adequate oxygen thus elevating the microbial activity.
  5. Eliminate root pruning
  6. Cleaner product: the use of a mulch film creates a cleaner area around the plant and its fruits.
  7. Weed control: the mulch film blocks the PAR (Photo synthetically Active Radiation).
  8. Insect management: Silver and white colors reflect light. Reflected light can help to prevent Aphids from seeing well, thereby, decreasing their activity.

Clear Mulch Film
Clear mulch has been used for many years. Compared to other mulch films this film has the highest light transmission and maximum soil property. Weed growth control is limited, therefore, herbicides must be used.

Black and Black/White Mulch Films
The black film absorbs light in the visible ultra violet and IR spectrum.

Due to the fact that the light in the PAR range (Photo synthetically Active Radiation) is absorbed and can’t pass through the weeds cannot grow.

As a result of the spectrum light absorption in the visible and IR range the film’s temperature rises, in case of heat sensitive crops this film offers light blocking for weed control and reduction in overheating.

Photo selective mulch films
The Wavelength Selective Mulch is a film with single or dual color. These mulch films are designed to repel insects, manipulate light, temperature, and moisture.
Wavelength Selective Film can add days or weeks to the growing season and thereby increase crop yield.

Silver: Repels aphids.
Silver/Black: Aphid repellant plus, Black for- weed control
Silver/Brown: Aphid repellant and promotes soil warming, Brown- weed control.
Blue: Attracts Thrips.
Yellow/Black: Yellow - attracts insects, Black - weed control.
Yellow/Brown: Yellow attracts insects and increase soil warming, Brown - weed control.
Brown/green: Brown - Infra-red promotes soil warming, Green - weed control.

The mulch film transmits a high portion of infra-red, warming the soil while blocking PAR (Photo synthetically Active Radiation).
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